A new approach to bridal makeup.

Maria Flowers is a makeup artist based in Kansas City, Missouri. She provides makeup services for bridal, editorial, commercial, and fashion clientele,

and is known for her signature bridal look: glowing + ethereal. 

"Not every bride wants a smokey eye or dramatic lashes. That is something I celebrate. When a client comes to me and wants minimal makeup, that's something I don't discourage. It's very easy to load the face with lashes, foundation and heavy eyeshadow, but it takes understanding and precision to work with a minimalist bride, because every detail counts. That's something I pride myself on. 

Makeup is personable, customizable and ever-changing. My signature bridal look is simple, but makes a statement. I like to celebrate the natural beauty of my clients, while enhancing their features with the help of the color theory - a tool every artist should use. I focus on the skin and love to treat my clients with a mini facial before application because I believe skin prep is the key to perfect makeup. While most of my brides request my signature natural, glowing look, I love when a bride asks for pink eyeshadow, pink blush and pink lipstick - a total monochrome moment - or a bright

orange lip and a naked eye. I get so excited to push the

norm and strive for creativity. " 

bridal. editorial. fashion.

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